We are a proud sponsor of the annual Warriors for Warriors Event,
celebrating courage and the wonders of life.

In addition to the event hosted at Kirtland Air Force Base, we will provide support throughout the year for our warriors. The website will provide community resources, networking, and financial assistance opportunities.


Chief Norman’s wife Judy was a patient of Southwest Women’s Oncology. Chief Norman sat with Judy for every chemotherapy infusion and came to every appointment. He witnessed her battle with ovarian cancer alongside that of other patients. Recognizing their courage, he was inspired to be of service to the women in their battle and wanted to host an event at the base to celebrate them.

In conversations with Matt Finkelstein, the Southwest Women’s Oncology CEO and Founder of United to Cure Cancer, they began to recognize the commonality of our men and women serving in the military, voluntarily putting their lives in harm’s way to keep us safe, with that of cancer patients bravely facing their own mortality.

Each group, warriors in their own way, demonstrate courage, moving forward, facing fear head on, staying present and dealing with whatever may emerge. Collectively we acknowledge, celebrate and endeavor to model these characteristics which create a rich life fully lived.

We now come together as a group to meet, support, and be of service to each other in our journey. We know tomorrow is not promised and our time together is the most precious commodity to embrace. Those who cannot be here with us today live on in each of us and through Warriors for Warriors.