United to Cure Cancer

We are United to Cure Cancer, a New Mexico 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. We seek to eradicate cancer, raise awareness, and to directly help those fighting cancer to increase their chances of positive outcomes and to live fuller, richer lives.


Our first initiative is the annual Warriors for Warriors event. In addition to the event, we will provide support throughout the year for our warriors.  The website will provide community resources, networking, and financial assistance opportunities.  Please look for additional emails from us to notify you of coming events, news and experiences we will be sponsoring.


Our second initiative is found at www.CancersWorstEnemy.com.  There we have created a personal risk assessment test for everyone to help identify risk factors, applicable diagnostic testing intervals, and preventative measures to take. This information is to be shared with your primary care provider. We believe that raising awareness and working with medical providers is the first line of defense in the war on cancer. Early detection is one of cancer’s worst enemies!

UTCC’s next initiative is to STAMP out women’s cancer.  The acronym STAMP stands for Support, Training, and Assistance for Medical Providers.  In support of the STAMP program, Southwest Women’s Oncology has agreed to staff a 24-hour hotline for medical providers with its Gynecologic Oncology subspecialty professionals.  This will provide immediate, full-time access to the knowledge and expertise of a Gynecologic Oncologist and will help make sure patients receive the best and most immediate care, no matter where they are. Additional training opportunities including webinars and Continuing Medical Education will be offered. Medical providers call 888.88.STAMP (888.887.8267).


Everyone is needed in the battle against cancer. Sign up and join our team at www.UnitedtoCureCancer.org. If you are inspired to support the United to Cure Cancer mission financially and in other ways, please contact Matt Finkelstein directly at 877-834-4249 or [email protected]


Thank you for attending and showing your support today. We hope you are inspired by all of our warriors as much as we are.  We are United to Cure Cancer and we pledge that we will do our best each day to make cancer a thing of the past.


Matt Finkelstein, United to Cure Cancer President