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United to Cure Cancer has made a commitment to STAMP out cancer. We aim to do this, in part, by arming medical providers with the information they need to help patients with potential cancer diagnosis get the right treatment. We know that referring providers are the key to helping these people receive the care they need in time to save their lives.


Our goal with the STAMP program is to ensure that no diagnosis is missed and
every woman facing gynecologic cancer receives care as quickly as possible.

Together, we can STAMP out cancer.

24-Hour Hotline

STAMP’s first service is our 24-hour hotline, managed with the generous support of Southwest Women’s Oncology.
Medical providers can call 888-88-STAMP (888-887-8267) now
to speak directly with an expert in Gynecologic Oncology.

Early detection is the first line of defense in the battle against cancer, so it’s critical that every patient is given every advantage in this fight. We developed STAMP (Support, Training & Assistance for Medical Providers) to offer medical providers resources, like ongoing medical training, webinars, and a 24-hour information hotline, so they can always be prepared to give the best options to their patients.

Medical Providers, Join Our Mission

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